Primary HomeRun2017: The Untold Story and Throwback

I felt ashamed for not publishing this subject on time hence this activity was done last 2017. As a matter of fact, it had been drafted for long period of time. Besides, I need to accomplish many things now and also trying not to get lazy overtime for being so unproductive. So I want this time to complete this long over due post.

Believe it or not, I also find it very hard to write a blog post when the subject matter is an aged one, considering how to recall the actual happenings. But, since I wish to include this blog post, please I hope you will also consider this information useful to you coz’ I believe that Primary Homes establishment has been organizing a fun run activity every year.

Primary HomeRun 2017 finishers medal

Primary Home Run 2017 is a fundraising event organized for the benefit of PSEFI โ€“ SKILLS Scholars. Primary Structures Educational Foundation Inc (PSEFI) is a corporate foundation  of the Primary Group of Builders (PGB). The aim of the event is to help 20 senior high scholars or to give opportunity for Grade 11 to 12 students to enroll with free tuition.

On the other hand, since the day I started chasing for fun run activities in Cebu way back year 2015 after my first official fun run during the SM2SM Run5, I already knew this Primary Home Run event.

Anyhow, actually I did not register the 2015 Primary Homes run nor had able to join. But the truth is, this particular event has an untold story that I did not share to anyone else. Sounds like a revelation? Actually, a chunk of my past heartbreak.

And yes, I could still recall how I cheered up someone when he was one of the 12K runners. You may also visit or read the old blog post below so you will have understanding why I often have anguish feelings in some of my posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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This is an old picture captured last May 17, 2015 during the Primary HomeRun 2015. My standing point during that event is located on the left side just good enough that I could witness all the runners.

Memories and Recollection

It was on the 2nd quarter of 2015 ’twas supposedly a rekindle of the flimsy marriage I had. And one of my desire is actually trying hard to conceive. Avoided stress. Forgetting past. I was already 39 years old then and still hopeful. I was under the care of my OB-Gyne.

I was actually felt envy that time because I opted not to register. But the truth is, I refrained myself on a temporary from joining a fun run event or even does a jogging activity as also advised by my OB-Gyne.

But on the latter side of the long heartfelt story, sad to convey that the relationship has come to an end. Depressed.

So, year thereafter I am actually hoping that I could also be part of this event. But instead the following year, sad to note that I had to bypass Primary HomeRun2016 since I need to cut-off few expenditures because of some financial issues.

Primary HomeRun 2017 singlet and race bib

Now, here comes 2017 when it was heaven-sent for me. My boss or rather my manager (the SBU manager where I’m currently connected) revealed to me that she had won two (2) free registration for 12K run in the Primary HomeRun2017. It was just so timely since we were both willing to join for the said event. Luckily I was chosen as her running buddy.

Little did I know that Primary Homes was also holding a program in Y101 FM station to give lucky caller for two (2) free registration in the Primary Homes run 2017. Since my boss is an avid listener to Y101 FM, so timely that she had the chance to join the game and she won.

We saved money so blessed, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Inside the loot bag as freebies at Primary HomeRun 2017

So these are some of the photos I had as a remembrance. The photo above are inclusions of the loot bag as freebies. Given to each participants of the run.


Each runner will get one loot bag. Inside are one banana, one hanging rice (puso) and one boiled egg wrapped in a small paper bag. There’s also sponsored items coming from Maayo – one bottled water and a discount coupon for spa massage from a Spa company.

These are the freebies of Primary HomeRun 2017.


The feeling of receiving such freebies is a privilege knowing we did not spend money for these. I was also grateful to my boss as a recipient to this complimentary run which is so unexpected. And imagine it’s 12K distance when supposedly I can pay P 500.00. A money saver!

Honestly, I do not have much preparation for this run. Where in fact, the last run prior this HomeRun 2017 happened only in time of SM2SM Run7 on February 15, 2017 for 21K run. So it is a 4 months gap. Though actually I only had intermittent jogging session but those days spent are not well enough for an abrupt 12K distance run. But thanks God anyway because we didn’t experience difficulty during the entire run.

This is the picture of the Start/Finish line.
A caption of runners while waiting for the program to start.
Another angle of runners waiting for the program to start.
Aside from loot bag been distributed to each runners, there are also booths or kiosks in placed at the vicinity.
Slimmers World is one of the sponsors of the event. See banner on the left of this picture.
A free massage was also available. But unfortunately, since we have to go home early so we did not avail this pretty massage.
While there are also snacks like hotdog and refreshments been given away to all runners. Just approach the staff at the kiosk to have one.
This is a picture of women’s top 5 placers of Primary Home Run 2017.
This is a picture of men’s top 5 placers of Primary Home Run 2017. At the no.1 a Kenyan citizen. I am amazed of Kenyan’s endurance because they always got to the top spot every time.


There are a total of 1,500 runners signed up for the event on July 2, 2017. The location is at Sumilon Road, Cebu Business Park in Cebu City, Cebu. Gun starts 4:30am for 12K runners, then follows 6K and 3K. Cash prizes were given away to the top three finishers in each distance while non-winners can win raffle prizes during the program.

2017 Actual registration fees: 3K=P350.00; 6K=P450.00; 12K=P550.00

Each finishers for 3K and 6K runners receives a finishers tag. While the 12K runners receives a finishers medal.

By the way, wondering if you wanna check more photos of the event, I’ve spared it in an album on my Facebook page, please visit here.


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I wish there could be sponsors in my future fun run endeavor! ๐Ÿ™‚

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