How To Get Through At Kabang River – Budlaan Falls: Cebu City

Who would have thought after passing regularly through landmark like Gaisano Grand Mall (Talamban) — it’s quite imaginative that there’s an existence of reticent river along the city of Cebu.

The exact place to where we were heading at during our adventure trek is located in Barangay Budlaan, Talamban, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. For those who are planning to explore and discover the said venue, hope this post help you.

Kabang River has a characteristic with tranquil glaze that is so captivating. You will be amazed while passing through each postulate trail. Trekking along the river banks to which you will get fascinated by the marvelous creation of GOD. The trail is strange and there’s an obstacle situation towards our adventure.

Flowers of Kabang River-Budlaan Falls Cebu City Cebu
You will notice these flowers while heading the Kabang River-Budlaan Falls in the City of Cebu.

This separate post is somehow a guide to where and how to get through at Kabang River/Budlaan Falls. Please find details below. And if you have something to suffice in this content, your comment below is greatly appreciated. Or you may send an email. Thanks guys!

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1. If you are from South

To commute from South, take jeepney via Talamban (13C/13B/62C/62B) just don’t forget to remind the conductor/driver to drop you off at Sunny Hills Subdivision. But make sure to be attentive because you might be disregarded or overlooked the landmarks which is stated in No. 3.

2. If you are from North

Option 1:

  • If you are from North and  familiar with Canduman, Mandaue City then it would be easy for you. Across the Canduman market (near Rose Pharmacy), head few steps where you could see few pedicabs stationed at the side of Maiquis Bakeshop and Save More; and ask to drop you off until Tintay terminal (Talamban).
  • From Tintay, you will have to ride again a jeep bound for Cebu City proper. All jeepneys at the terminal are bound for the City. It will take only few minutes or 5 minute ride upon reaching the Sunny Hills subdivision.
  • Please prepare a minimum fare of Php 7.00 (as of June 2018). Don’t forget to remind/ask the driver/conductor for your destination because you might be passing the landmark already.

Option 2: 

  • Another option is by riding a motorcycle for hire (locals call it as habal-habal) right at the Canduman market across the highway or may walk few meters ahead.
  • You will also see them parked right at the front of SM Savemore or beside Angels burger or beside 7-eleven (under Rose Pharmacy). They are trusted drivers. Ask or hail anyone of them to drop you off directly to Sunnyhills Subdivision. I’m sure they are all familiar to that place.
  • To date, the minimum fare is Php 40.00 as of June 2018. But other drivers will charge you a fare of Php 35.00 only. If I were you, please inquire first at the driver before heading to your destination.
  • And, if you are living somewhere in Basak, Mandaue City and down to Mandaue main road, you may follow direction No. 1.
Kabang_River_Budlaan_Falls_Talamban Cebu City
Kabang River | Budlaan Falls in Talamban, Cebu City
3. The landmarks

Sunny hills Subdivision is just close to Gaisano Grand Mall – Talamban if you are from South. These are the landmarks that shall be noted. From the North, after passing Sunny Hills – Gaisano Grand Mall is only less than a minute apart. So be attentive to where you are heading to.

4. Preferable meeting agenda

Most preferable meeting place is at Tinongs Bakeshop or at Julie’s Bakeshop. While the most convenient meeting place for me is at Julie’s because it’s kinda spacious, thus the location does not exposed to the heat of the sun and also close to jeepneys’ stop-over. Although in fairness, Tinongs is quite best. It will all likely depend on your preference.

Another suggestive place to assemble is at Gaisano Grand Mall-Talamban, wherein it is just a walking distance to the Budlaan crossing.

At Julie’s Bakeshop as the meeting place.
5. At Sunnyhills Subdivision

Head on to the street facing Sunnyhills Subdivision. Turn to the other neighboring street where there’s a signage “This way to 4.5km Brgy. Budlaan“. There are many habal-habal drivers that are stationed across the street. Take a ride those who are bound for Budlaan proper, because there are some who are not allowed to go through there. Fare is 15.00 pesos only.

The road leading to Kabang Falls in Talamban beside Sunny Hills Subdivision.
6. How to get through to Kabang or Budlaan Falls

So, once you get through the first destination point, head on to the trail where to start the trek. At first you’ll be walking down through a foot path then you’ll get to notice orchid fields before reaching the bamboo bridge.

These are my points of view and according to my experience during our adventure of the place. Somehow I’ve shared with you some important points on your future plans to expedite through the strange trail of Kabang River-Budlaan Falls. It all depends on your group how to make the necessities and itineraries on your ventures soon in that place.

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