First Timer 21K Half-Marathon With Absolutely No Training: Lessons, Tips and Experiences

Do you wish to run a 21K distance for the first time? I guess we all do… Well, if you ought to run a half-marathon or in a long distance run with absolutely no training at all, then it is really a horrendous idea.

However, if it is your free will to run, my only advice is you should have listened to your guts first before invading in a course of action that you aren’t sure of. And if it is your ego that tells you to give it a try thus, by all means, well there’s no harm in trying — but I fear though, as much as will avoid you from unpleasant happening — gotta have to be ready on the possible outcome of the plan you wished to do. Just be careful what you wish for!

It all started my desire to run long distance after I finished my first official Fun Run for a ‘6K distance’ – during SM2SM Run5 held last February 22, 2015 at SM City Cebu. Then following a ’10K half marathon’ during the Milo Marathon held last October 2015 at Cebu City Sports Center (formerly Abellana School Grounds). Also Read: Looking Back My Journey On 2015: What A Year It Was

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What is bad in trying when there’s no absolute training?

There are times actually that we wanted to prove ourselves by becoming passionate in our goals — just to measure how sturdy we are in terms of our body’s immune ‘strength and endurance’.

There’s no bad in trying, however, if you aren’t prepared yet, might there are so many things that needs to consider before you set GO a plan to join a Fun Run event. Perhaps it is your body that is being invested in.

Try to figure out the harm that it can cause you without a training course? Believe me, even elite runners does the training daily — how much more for newbies (like us) or non-elite runners.

What is the possible result it can lead to a runner during the actual half-marathon if she/he is not absolutely trained? Thus, you should also bear in mind that it can create serious harm if you aren’t prepared to set foot a half-marathon or not having a training before a running event. You might encounter serious injury and or troublesome situation.

But besides, is there something that bother’s you from the lack of strength and motivation to train? Or perhaps you are not well-trained enough?

Furthermore, this article will guide you through your journey and have some tips below to help you avoid uneasiness prior the actual run or during the run. Thus, it will help you reach achieve your goals.

What are you getting if you registered a Fun Run event?

Are you after the finisher’s medal? Or, bragging for yourself and proud to share at social media sites that you have able to finish a 10K or 21K run? Forgive me if I accused you wrong. Don’t feel guilty at all because there’s nothing wrong with it.

Just consider it a milestone in your life. Or might as well, you are just ‘feeling achieved’ or ‘feeling energetic’ though because for you it’s not easy to achieve a long distance run or having an invigorating activity.

Anyway, as per my experience, after the accomplishment I had at Milo Marathon – with no finisher’s medal given for 10K runners, that’s when I started yearning to achieve one. I speculate most of us desires to have a finisher’s medal (not boasting) – as it pays off all the hard work we’ve done in running and proof as well of the achievement.

Mind you… personally, I find most of the registration fees very costly and so we also look for reasonable price that we are getting like the investment we had for registering a Fun Run. While most will consider the inclusion of registration fees e.g. freebies, raffle draw, finisher’s medal or shirt, drinks and the like. Well, it’s true to me in the saying that goes “to run is costly but its worthy healthy living”.

What lessons have you learned without the proper training?

At times when we are failing at something we wished to achieve thus, it can bring us down, upset and feeling disappointed in life. Some says… one good remedy to let you recover from distress is to change your lifestyle — by being active and outdoor enthusiast in the field of running or jogging. Indeed it’s true!

And since you wanted to show off becoming an enthusiasts in running or might be newbies in this field — think twice, DON’T BE in a rush to register a long-distance run without a training.

After the tremendous experience I had when I opted to run the 21K for the 1st time without an absolute training, in which it results an injury. I once had experienced difficulties when trying to pace up my speed because I encountered muscle cramps during the actual Fun Run event — that affects my thighs and legs which I almost given up because I could not barely walk nor run anymore.

Good that I was able to endure the pain until the finish line and achieved my 1st 21K finishers medal.

Now that I have learned my lessons well, I could have decided not to run the half-marathon hence, attempting the activity with no training sounds like a disaster, right?

What are the Tips that we should look into as 1st timer 21K runner?

A long distance run for me is considered running a distance of: 6K, 10K, 12K or 21K. Moreover, if you are running more than 21K already, that is not an easy run anymore thus, you will be considered a pro-runner. What could be more like running the 42K, 60K, 100K marathon or any longer? Considering the endurance. OMG!

Anyhow, I shall impart with you my acquired wisdom (based on experience) for those who stumbled here in this article. Here’s some of the tips below for you to get aware as 1st timer running a 21K half-marathon with no training. Hope this helps!

  1. Wear a comfortable shoes. Not necessary a good looking running shoes, for as long as you will get comfortable. And if you find buying a new one at a running store – make sure to run it first for several times before the race, otherwise, you will regret it.
  2. Have previous run shorter than 21K. Not able to train prior the race but had previous run experience? Or, you are just few months into running? You are still blessed though. Half-marathons are hard with proper training, they are even harder without training and they are impossible if you are a newbie and have no training.
  3. Do brisk walking prior the event. Walking is helpful if you are not in the mood to undergo training or have jogging. Its either at slow pace or quite speedy you become and eventually you’ll get practice in breathing hard but not gasping for air.
  4. The slower you think you should go, just go slower. Believe me, without a training background, you cannot maintain any kind of “good” pace. No matter how competitive you are, you will still not be winning when you haven’t done any training. You’ll be lucky enough if you can able to finish the race without tension. Just walk to finish if you cannot run good.
  5. Along with the go-slow approach, do not pressure. For goal-obsessed people (like me), when time is set at no limit then just set goals – the goal is to achieve a finisher’s medal. And besides wearing a watch at the event since you need to check your time — just don’t look at it all the time otherwise, you will be intimidated by other runners. Do not get pressured.
  6. Drink lots and lots of water. Alternate sports drink along the course. Although you might want to stop drinking a little before the race so you don’t want to be caught looking a comfort room. It is already anticipated in every Fun Run event that there should be water stations allocated.
    • Try to drink water  — one paper cup at a time. And if there’s banana station along the course then take one.
    • If any kind of sports and energy drink available along the course like: Gatorade, Powerade, Pocari Sweat and many others; then replenish!
  7. Walk up the hills. Just do it. This is real situation. Don’t strive harder if it creates worse situation at you by trying to run up the hills. Mind you it’s hard… your legs are going to HATE you the next day. Just walk!
  8. Run with a friend (running mate) so you can whine with each other. Get along with a friend who also done no training. You will be feeling lightened by the moment you try to run with him/them — have a good friend running with you.
    • Instead of thinking about how much everything hurt, when you recall your current painful situation or getting bitched about how little training you did. Based on other articles that I’ve read, that distractions are the best for you to get through of difficulties.
Eat Run Repeat – Fun Run event dated August 7, 2016

Actually, I had a weary heart during my first 21K half-marathon and that’s the reason behind the lack of training. I was filled with grudges, heartaches and depression. And that moment was considered a running disguise for me just to get diverted of my emotional struggles.

So anyways, hopefully everyone has got better decision than me and would never actually run a half-marathon without an absolute training, but just in case, these lessons shall completely give you bits of advice ’til you get through the actual run event.

Should there be more information to add in this post, please let me know or I will be more glad if you do leave comment(s) below. For more updates on featured Cebu Fun Run events and other details, you may visit this blog anytime soon. Thank you and God bless!

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