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Unwinding Experience At Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort: San Fernando, Cebu

December 30, 2012

Whose gonna imagine that in a quite town of San Fernando, Cebu there lies a rewarding experience, a secluded place for your total escape far away from bustling city, a so called Paradise which is located in a remote land area wherein at first you would subtly thought what can you expect in the place, however upon getting inside the premises an unforeseen probable occurrence you could never conceive.

A total private unwinding experience you can have in there unique amenities and adventure seen that you can acquire in the place… Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain and Resort, primary located at San Fernando in southern Cebu province.


These photos you’ve seen was part of our in-laws unwinding experience in the place called their homeland. A picture perfect ideally for family get-away and totally spending your moment of putting aside worries and pressures for a while. Actually, I love being around with them especially with my Aunt-in-law partly because she can avail of discounts whenever budget permits. As far as I have known from my in-laws story that part of the land area now owned by Hidden Paradise was their lot before.

Why visit Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort?

This type of so called paradise in San Fernando is one that I highly recommend if you are looking for unruffled and serene location. Though one thing must be informed, network connectivity for your mobile phones and internet is not acquirable in the place. So, if you definitely searching for a fun with adventure and privacy, this place called Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort is perfect for you. The exact location can be found in the Barangay of Libo Ilaya, San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines.


Entrance Fee and Tariff Rates:

Entrance Fee: Adult – 100.00; for 4-8 years old – 50.00 pesos only. For other Tariff rates please consider browsing through their official website.

Note: Actual rate may change in recent times, for accuracy pls contact directly at their office which stated below.


How to Get There?

It takes about one and a half hour to travel if preferring to commute from the city and or at South Bus-Terminal. An estimated of 25 kilometers distance from Cebu City proper. I guess conductors and drivers are familiar with that place, just don’t forget to remind them to drop you off at the crossing in going to Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort. From crossing you still have to ride a motorcycle for hire (Habal-habal) and just hail anyone of the drivers to drop you off at the said Mountain Resort. Motorcycle can accommodate up to 3 passengers. The road is somewhat rough and not concrete, expect a non convenient road you’ll be heading to. Be cautious and patience rather, somehow a rewarding experiencing awaits you there.

For travelers having private vehicle would be less hassle and convenience. Estimated travel time will take the most to about 2hours from Cebu City and through the destination point.

You can bring also your personal motorcycle at the place wherein this is typical for motorist since it has total wide land area and be able to roam around whenever you want. Like I did… was able to attempt at learning to drive for the very first time and it’s awesome.

What to bring in the resort?

You can bring along any kind of foods. Can bring cooking utensils and portable/camping stove for cooking. There’s No corkage fee. For swimming: bring swim suits and or shorts ideally for pool. Other swimming stuffs for kids. You may also bring basketball and or volleyball for leisure activities, if you wanted too. Another thing, during night time expect a cold atmosphere so must bring along jacket(s) or any type of long sleeves and trousers.

Amenities and Adventure escape:

Swimming pool: They have 3 different types of swimming pool distinctly located in different hillside area, from low land goes up hill. So if you prefer to stay in their executive rooms, there is private swimming pool available.

Ziplining experience: Aside from different hillside and paradise-like scenario, they also have zipline adventure. Actually, it’s a different scene you could get at the place. For more information, please consider browsing through their official website at


Room accommodation and Rates:
  • Dormitory Room – these type of rooms are perfect for groups with maximity of 10 persons. Standard rate of Php 3,500.00, air-conditioned, with CR and shower, with 5 bed bunks/double decks.
  • Row Houses – these type of rooms ideally for couple and this good for 2 persons per room. Houses are non-airconditioned, standard rate of Php 600.00/overnight, with CR and shower.
  • Standard Rooms – These type of rooms can accommodate to 2 persons only or a couple. Standard rate if  Php 1,500.00/overnight, air conditioned with CR and shower, plus free breakfast for two.
  • De Luxe Rooms – These type of rooms is also good for two persons or a couple. Standard rate of Php 2,500.00/overnight, airconditioned with hot and cold shower & bathtub, plus and an extensive scene at the veranda. Complimentary TV & Ref and FREE breakfast for two.
  • Executive Room – these type of rooms most ideally for 4 persons in a room, standard rate of Php 3,500.00/overnight. It has equipped with standard amenities like, air conditioner, refrigerator, television, hot and cold shower and a bathtub, plus FREE breakfast for 2 persons, with an exclusive executive swimming pool located just few steps away from your doorsteps. With free parking space.


executive-bed1For inquiries and contact reservations:

You may please call their Marketing Department at +63 (032) 255-4112; (032) 415-9664. And or you may reach the following personnel at these mobile numbers;  +63 918-9515496 or 0932-7687105 c/o Helen. Or through Helbert w/ +63 933-30232170 and or Jade c/o +63 932-4587179.

You may also send your inquiries and concerns through their official email address at and or

They also cater Team Buildings and Seminars, you may call directly c/o Jade for Adventure Facilitator through this numbers +63 932-4587179 or 255-4112.

For Room reservations please contact at their office during weekdays between 8am-5pm and on Saturdays @ 9am-3pm.

You can also visit their booking office @ room 207 2nd floor, Geson Building, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City. Just inquire information, their office is inside at Infusion office.

Hidden Paradise San Fernando Official Website: and


Map of San Fernando, Cebu

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