Unexpected Visit To Palms Inn And Beach Resort At Mahawak, Medellin, Cebu

Are you ready to get-away at the fantastic place of Medellin Cebu? A common call to ourselves before invading a place — that first thought would be is Where to Stay? This post is a sort of a guide where you can find the best accommodation in Medellin.

This particular resort that we once visited in Northern Cebu is a lovely Bed & Breakfast which has distinctive style and comfort that provide travelers beyond expectation, the Palms Seaside Inn and Resort or Palms Inn and Beach Resort. Located at Brgy. Mahawak in the Municipality of Medellin, in Cebu province. It’s like your home far away from home.

Affordable hotel: The resort comprises in 2 phases, the Inn and Resort. From Palms Inn, guests can access across the Beach Resort at the front just a short walk by passing the center of small road of Brgy. Mahawak. Palms Inn and Beach Resort is accessible by private vehicle, Habal-habal for hire (Motorcycle for hire), pedicabs and Bus liner.

Amenities and Room Accommodation

The resort has four available (4) executive/air-conditioned rooms that can accommodate to maximum of three w/ free breakfast, has its own bathroom with hot and cold shower and ready Cable TV. Mini-bar with available complimentary drinks.

The rooms are equipped with modern style and design, very clean and well appointed. Each room features with a balcony.

Comes with two (2) balconies at the front with over looking sea view, the sunset and the beach. While the other two balconies at the back are much differ in location designed perfectly for nature lover individuals like the views of beautiful trees, green leaves, hear the birds singing and playing along jumping from trees to trees.

So you can bring along with your coffee, a good book, a laptop, mobile phone or your tab to spend in a relaxing moment.

They also have cheap rooms available in ordinary/non air-conditioned rooms all set in affordable prices. These rooms are perfect type for those travel budget enthusiast who just prefer to stay in simple rooms yet it’s cozy and clean.


Is the Resort recommendable?

Yes, definitely! Because it is accessible when planning to hop for an island tour to Gibitngil Island. This is also advantage for travelers who wishes to continue and farther journey through Medellin. And please also note that Brgy. Mahawak is also best dock site through the said Island.

For boat arrangement, you can ask by any locals and or, you may ask staff from the resort to arrange a tour to Gibitngil Island.


On a side note, this resort also offers kayaking, beach volleyball, seaside viewing and even sunset viewing. There’s so much to look forward to in this resort. Their beautiful white sand beaches, in which locals are very proud when sharing about the story of their place. Yes it is true yet worth the visit.


Why it’s unexpected visit?

Per our experience ’twas indeed unexpected and memorable all throughout the days we’ve spent in Medellin. With the help also of our friend (Leah’s venerable aunt) that makes our stay worthwhile. After dropping off at Leah’s aunt house, we took about 15-20 minutes walk heading to Palms Inn and Beach Resort.

All due credits to Madame (Leah’s aunt) for the privilege of letting us allow to enter at the resort for free. Then she further introduced to us the details of the resort, walk us through and letting us tour around the resort. We’ve greeted with a warm welcome!


Dancing Sun in Medellin

It was indeed a revealing moment of experience we had that late afternoon when we were about to witness the sunset in arguably called a Dancing Sun. It was around 5:00PM when we stared at the clouds right at the floor of the resort. It was Leah’s aunt who encouraged us to witness and discover the sunset above all that day.

Wondering a couple of minutes upon staring up the clouds, yet suddenly we discovered a fantastic Dancing Sun. Indeed it is true! It was unbelievably a heart breaking part of us watching up the sky, its likely we were all talking to God, appreciating HIS goodness. It looks like that GOD was taking part on our wander, it was like there’s more fun ahead on our journey in Medellin.

Actually, we never set an itinerary on our vacation to Medellin. It had been set to just wandering around and discover what’s in store of Medellin.


How to get there?

Going to Nipa, Mahawak takes around three (3) hours or more it depends if you take the bus away from the city/terminal. It’s more convenient if you had your own private vehicle and or renting a Van/Car.

To take bus, go directly to North Bus Terminal located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City. You can choose or take any bus like Ceres, Auto Bus, etc. Look for signage and or ask trusted personnels (in terminal) for going to Kawit, Medellin. Buses are available in air-conditioned and non air-conditioned. But I guess only Ceres buses that offers air-conditioned.

Ask the conductor to drop you off at Kawit, a drop off point near the health center. Look around and you should see the signage of Palms Inn on a post in the corner. Hail any of the tricyles or pedicab (locally known as trisikad) and ask your driver to take you off to Nipa and after a 10-minute ride you should see Palms Inn on your left.

Map of Mahawak Medellin, Cebu

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My only regret…

I should have captured more details of the resort during my visit last April 2012. My interest/passion in photography and blogging was just recently and it never came in mind nor intentions to take photos of some interesting areas of the resort that time. I only have few shots but most photos posted here mostly captured by Leah. I was shy to take counterpart shots because Leah brought a sophisticated camera and it’s better quality than my handy camera. Lol!

 Contact Information

Resort name: Palms Seaside Inn and Resort
Address: Nipa beach, Mahawak, Medellin, Cebu

For Bookings & Reservation:
Telefax: 032-436-2275
Mobile no: (0917) 9595278 (Ms. Gigi) and or (0917) 8419293
Email: palmsseasideinandresort@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: Please be informed that this content is entirely for informational purpose and thus purely based on experience. This is not a sponsored post. Full credits to the original owner of photos used in this blog. Thanks for visiting my weblog. Enjoy your stay in Cebu! Your comment and feedback is appreciated.
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