The Enchanting Guiwanon Cold Spring: Tabogon, Cebu

Updated 2018. It has been a while that I was idled with words of adding some substantiated and delighted new material composition about our homeland. I must have been swamped up with intermittent technical issues about this site, trying hard to obtain skills in resolving the debates by myself or along with the experts.

So much of this futile reason of mine, but to lay hold of a significant post which stacked up in my folder.

The Cold Springs of Cebu

Aside from the richness of Cebu has behold, whether you’re going South or through Northern part – there are so much to take pride in conjunction of different islands, straits, lovely beaches, nature escapes. Another Cebu’s wondrous treats are Cold Springs in various areas are:

  • the famous Obong Spring in Dalaguete;
  • Molobolo and Mantawihan Spring in Tuburan;
  • Cambuhawe Spring in Balamban;
  • Uragay Spring or Durano Eco Farm in Carmen;
  • Binaliw Spring in Sogod;
  • and the subject it’s the enchanting Guiwanon Cold Spring – can be found at the northern part of Cebu in Maslog, Tabogon.

Tabogon Pride

At Guiwanon, actually you’ll be nurtured with beautiful spots which in stored at Tabogon to those citizens happen to be unfamiliar of the town. With the exception of breathtaking beaches to which at some point the pride of locals and the evident of nature cold spring, which you can achieve further beyond your imagination.

Guiwanon Cold Spring is one of favorite destination among citizens of Tabogon and living in nearby neighborhood namely in towns of Sogod and Bogo City,  hence it’s also situated along the main road heading to Tabogon proper. So going this destination isn’t really difficult, and if unfamiliar, just don’t fail to remind the driver or the bus conductor to drop you off at Cold Spring (the magical keyword).

At dropping point, you will be walking few meters to get in this place. Not really far, besides, you’ll only exert a short walk. Any type of vehicle can able to enter and can even park as there’s ample space for your parking needs. Just hang on!

In fairness, we’ve invaded this place in no particular idea or no overviews wherein both of my companions just heard it over from a mutual friend — since our actual route that moment was heading to Ilihan, Tabogon. We were invited to visit our godchild’s 1st year birthday celebration whose also a resident in Tabogon. Although personally I’ve been chasing to this cold spring before we came across the road during our first pay visit in Tabogon, knowing the same pursuit with a former partner.

Tabogon Cold Spring_1


Relaxing view isn’t it? When you happen to land in this place, you’ll certainly dare to propel yourself into the water. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to experience the water. Tsk! Tsk! But hopefully in perfect time.

Yet to add a favorable comment here, this place is perfect venue for barkadas’ and family bonding if it’s alright for you to spend in a simple accommodation.

Nevertheless, if you wanted to experience nature somewhere in northern Cebu, try to escape at Guiwanon Cold Spring and enjoy the simplicity and undeveloped abode in an unsophisticated place yet it’s so calm, charming and unique. You wouldn’t feel bored due to the appearance of turquoise water, though you feel bothered of the coldness but you can just hang on and enjoy your visit.

Expect a non cozy compared to other famous cold springs which are present in Cebu. During our visit last 2013, there’s no convenient kiosk or cottage to cater to guests/visitors except for the enchanted giant balete tree which is among the great shelter when you’re at the water in which you’re supposed to expose out from the sun.

Update: I’ve learned from a taxi driver sometime last December 2017 that Guiwanon Cold Spring now is newly owned by private business sector and it has being developed. Anyways, I guess we might have to pay a visit soon so we could attest the new development of Tabogon Spring.

Tabogon Cold Spring_22

Are you looking for a place where to stay overnight?

I suggest to pay visit at the town first, then invade through this spring resort and get to enjoy the water. Otherwise, should you look for a place where to stay overnight and budget friendly accommodation? Perfect! I’ve known two 4 star beach resorts in the town that I can share with. It’s Bunzies Cove and the Sea Turtle Lagoon. Both comes in romantic and serene resort which honeymooners would love to stay for a while.

For your booking needs, I have for Bunzies Cove. Kindly check it out so you can have early reservation. So you may score and have a review of this resort and that other’s may also gather reference from you.

Anyway, here’s additional images during my visit at the spring in Tabogon. Hope this will bring you desire to visit this place soon. I am also wishing in God’s perfect time that I can able to drop by at this place once again.

Tabogon Cold Spring_18
The inviting turquoise water you would wanted to experience…
Tabogon Cold Spring_5
The main flower at the spring…
Tabogon Cold Spring_9
The enchanted balete tree which stands shading the guests against the heat from the sun.
Tabogon Cold Spring_7

How to get there?

  • Commute: Head directly at North bus terminal situated at Subangdaku, Mandaue City
  • Location: Brgy. Maslog, Tabogon Cebu
  • Bus: Mini-bus via Tabogon
  • Travel time: An almost 3hours straight drive (no bus stops)
  • Destination: Cold spring is along the main road heading to Tabogon proper

Initial Expenses:

Actually, you don’t need to spend too much money on your visit at the spring. Just have to prepare your bus fare, entrance fee – whether you opt to swim or not, and 100 pesos for cottage (this is optional). There’s no corkage fee. Please remember that the rate mentioned herein may change in real-time.

  • Bus fare: less than 100 pesos (forgot the actual rate), please help comment guys!
  • Entrance fee: Php 5.00 per head
  • Cottage fee: Php 50.00
  • Parking fees: Motorcycle – Php 5.00; Car – Php 10.00

Map of Guiwanon Cold Spring

Disclaimer: Should you wish to see more photos about the said place, kindly expand your search through our Facebook page. Please note that rates indicated herein may change in real-time. And should you have other details to suffice in this blog post, your feedback is appreciated and please post your comment below. Thanks for visiting the blog… God bless!

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