DOCE PARES – Cebu’s 1st Zipline: Busay, Cebu City

Google Search Engine. If you are trying to Google search for a particular keyword about zipline cebu, zip lining adventures or zip line course in Cebu, for sure you’ll get number of searches for it and one of which is the busay zipline. So, if you ought to start your adventure in Cebu City proper, better to check and visit the first Cebu zipline at Doce Pares (old name is Cebu Zipline)| Mountain Training Park.

In the DictionaryAccording to – Merriam Webster: Zip line is a cable suspended above an incline to which a pulley and harness are attached for a rider. Free Dictionary: A transportation system or piece of recreation equipment consisting of a cable stretched between points of different elevations, a pulley, and a harness or bar for attaching a rider, who moves by gravity.

doce pares7

Wandering aroundThis is to remember the good times we had together with my estranged husband during our leisure time. So, it was early Saturday morning of August after our graveyard shift ends, where we had an itinerary for our road trip plan. Going to Busay Hills was our primary plan that day and good timing ‘coz it was also in time of our pay day. A bit feeling exhausted after working at night. Together with our most reliable motorcycle vehicle so we drove up into the hills of Busay.

doce pares1

Wandering Couple. At first, I never had any knowledge what other nice spots to look forward to in Busay. All I had in mind is the  well-known Mountain View and TOPS and actually it was included in our main route. Wherein these sites should have been our bucket list when we wanted to explore the entire Cebu province.

So we took the privilege of exploring the Busay Hills as going there isn’t a distant traffic and since our office is just situated in neighboring area. We both excited then on our trip however surprise because instead of turning left heading to Mountain View, we went straight which I got confused to where he wanted to go.

doce pares9

At Doce Pares. We had our first stop at Cebu Zipline or Doce Pares Mountain Training Park. And to let others know that this is the first (1st) Zip line introduced in Cebu which is located above the hills of Busay in Cebu City, Cebu Province. Doce Pares Cebu location is Sitio Malubog, Busay, Cebu City.

Adventure Offerings. They offer the following: Cliffside, Jumper Swing, Wire Walk, Zipline. They also have bamboo bridge, bamboo swing for fun. By the way, you can also lay your tents in a certain area.

Entrance Free. After we paid the entrance for total of Php 40.00 (Php 20.00 per head), it is time to roam around the area. I took my camera and started capturing around the site. I find the location as simple, quiet and overlooking.

Here’s few of the photos I took, please scroll down below:

doce pares_cliffside of the mountain
extra cautious it’s cliffside of the mountain
doce pares_jumper swing
the jumper swing
doce pares_wire walk
wire walk
doce pares_bamboo bridge
bamboo bridge
doce pares_zipline station
zipline station
doce pares_zipline station
zipline station 2
doce pares_overlooking view
an overlooking scene from afair
doce pares_strolling
strolling underneath zipline course
doce pares_place of relaxation
a place for relaxation
doce pares_kiosks
kiosk available

By the way, if you need something for refreshment, coffee and foods – there’s canteen or restaurant available at the premises. It’s located at the 2nd level of the ticketing booth/counter.

Cebu Zipline Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Fridays: 10am – 10pm
Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays: 8am – 10pm

Cebu Zipline Fees:

Entrance to Park: Php 20.00 / head
Zipline ride: PhP 100.00 / head (1 way/2 way)

A kiosk for rent at Php 150.00 (see last image above)


By the way, the mountain park is ideal place for bonding and spending leisure time with your friends and loved ones. It’s cool and relaxing right at the top of the mountain where you can have the scenic view of the Cities of Cebu from afar. Anyways, as a side note, for your vehicle parking needs they have wide space available.

For those who are planning to visit this particular place to experience the fun, thrill and excitement, you may please contact their landline number at (+63) 32 344-3028 and mobile number’s through 09088624276 or 09206539874. Or check out their official facebook page.


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