Baluarte De Argao Beach Resort: Argao, Cebu

At some point, most people might often asks about What are the most beautiful beaches in Cebu? And, where can they be found? If I were to asked of this skeptically, these are my sought findings — to where in particular place can this be found.

And, here’s my rapid response for the top list beaches – according to quality, people, white sandbar, its marine sanctuary and other facts:

  1. Bantayan Island
  2. Malapascua Island
  3. Moalboal
  4. Medellin
  5. Mactan Island
  6. Alcoy…
  7. and of course Argao is on top 10 list.

Actually, CEBU has so much pride about in terms of beautiful beaches, resorts, tourist spots, and everything else  in which every tourist/traveller loving each moment they have stayed in Cebu. Every Cebuano citizen has its own perspectives and findings — answers may vary to some as per own experiences.


The Argao Visit

Since I’ve learned that we will be visiting in Argao, then a swift thought came into my mind. ”Wow! Finally this will be my chance to rediscover Argao”. While it’s been almost 2 decades since my last visit in a particular resort in Argao.

Anyhow, it was one fine early morning of Sunday when we drove out with our motorcycle heading all the way through South, to attend a Christening. The first baby of our beloved friend, the “Best man” during my former wedding last 2008.

How many hours drive from Cebu City?

To commute an estimation of almost 2-hours travel (non-stop bus) leaving every hour from South-Bus terminal. So when riding on personal vehicle it would take less traveling hour and much convenience.

Arriving at Argao proper taunted me with pleasurable remarks. Citing their historical structures, looks like the government preserves the land for tourist attraction. And, it feels amazing for me while I’m observing around because the place is very clean and well organized. Little did I know coz’ there’s so much to take pride in this place — one should visit someday!

Since our primary purpose was to attend a Christening, so we had to assure ourselves that we could be able to arrive on time at the church. Although we had some unfamiliar experiences while on our way to the location. And, for unexpected situation like getting lost to unfamiliar place, don’t hesitate, asks for some locals.

St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church Argao Cebu

Argao Church

St. Michael the Archangel Church (Argao, Cebu) founded on October 16, 1733. One of the oldest in Philippines with elaborated wall paintings depicting biblical scenes mainly angels and demons.

There are lots of magnificent historical sites that surrounds the church, and right across the church yard is a small open stone structure – a doorway for entrance and exit point where heading to Argao beaches and get to discover this resort.

See more below are few of the pictures I have taken during my visit – Argao Cebu Beach Resort: Baluarte De Argao.


The verdict

You know what? I guess you need to come and visit this resort and get to enjoy its ambiance. That’s how i love to recommend because it’s serene — perfect place for getaway, swimming at the beach and overnight stay.

Actually, this place is perfect venue for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, team building, honeymoon, Christening (of course!) — that’s where we’ve got to know this resort.

It has a Wi-Fi Zone area, with air-conditioned rooms, rates starting at P1,700 per night, venue at P3,500 maximum of 50 person (pay in excess of Php60 per head).

baluarte_de_argao_venue for birthdays, weddings
Nice venue for garden gatherings like Weddings, Birthdays or Corporate party.
The catching staircase through the overlooking veranda.
baluarte_de_argao_the staircase
Another artistic staircase to catch in the place.
baluarte_de_argao_room accommodation
The available rooms for accommodation.

baluarte_de_argao_the beach front

Baluarte de Argao Beach Resort
Suba, Poblacion
Argao, Cebu 6021

Contact information:
Phone 09472463252/032-3677184/5116094/ +4746361637


Did you know that? Argao has its finest “Cebu’s best pasalubong atbp” — the TORTA sa ARGAO or ARGAO TORTA. Taste it so  you’ll believe it!


Disclaimer: If you are eager to see more pictures of the said venue, kindly check more photos on our Facebook page. Should you have other details to suffice in this blog post, your comment below is much appreciated. Thanks for visiting the blog. God bless!

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