This blog was built since June 2012 with Janeth Perater-Pelayo (Mantalaba) as the author name behind Janeth. Boosting presence was not sincerely given attention right after acquiring this domain. Until there were few posts generated on August 2012. Then came September with continuously facing intermittent server issues and certain misconception.

Then finally, Where Is Cebu has started to boost its confidence, full attention and focus in the midst of October 2012 after constant deliberation with the hosting firm. To date, the author wishes to deliver a comprehensive and useful information that tackles important facts or musings, events, inside stories, travel adventure memories, dreams and aspiration of a true Cebuana.

Site Description:

The musings of a Cebuana travel teller. Her sanctuary.

Guides To Where Is Cebu? This is your Blog Portal of Cebu’s finest Hotel & Accommodations, Food & Dining, Beach & Resorts, Islands & Provinces, Travel Ventures, Happenings & Lifestyle all about Cebu and beyond…

Why Where Is Cebu?

The idea of getting a perfect keyword domain name was derived actually from Google Adwords by Google. Had to consider several keywords before it ended a domain name that provides audience presence and would best describe the Admin where plays relevant role to her birth place – Cebu.

About The Author

Blogging Experience

Her blogging interests started since the birth of this blog on June 2012. However, prior engaging this new venture of owning such great domain name(s), having knowledge about the thought of a blogger was not in her mind. And in fact the idea of being a blogger was not in her dictionary not until she had able to do some freelance jobs.

To date, she still considers herself a novice blogger, with prone to errors, typo errors and or grammatical errors. She admits being weak and imperfect individual knowing she isn’t a good English writer, however, she is trying hard to be good one and wishes to become expert in this type of field where she learns to love it and become part in her daily routine.

The Real Persona

Full of drama’s in life that’s the first thing you ought to know about if you happen to get connected with her story. She displays strong personality but oftentimes weak. Possess responsibility to her family. A Separated. Still grateful at 44. Has strong faith in God Almighty – the only hope in all her battle and struggles in life. Considers herself a boring, however, gets easily diverts and perceiving, in short she’s flexible. A bread winner.

She loves writing but she’s not fond of reading books ‘coz her eyes gets easily worn-out and sleepy whenever had the chance of reading books. My apology.

Her first love was singing and thought she’ll find a life into the music world but the lack of self esteem and courage of pursuing her dreams, she felt silly to herself.

Work Experiences

Once an OFW for about 4 yrs & 10 months in Taiwan, had employed to 3 different companies back then from 2002 to 2008. Since 2008 up to recent time, she is connected with BPO company and currently holds a position as Team Supervisor.

She has been accepting online virtual part-time jobs or freelance tasks during  her free schedule. Through freelance experiences where she learns Content Management System (CMS) or building website. Then eventually she discovered new outlet — through her weary moments by becoming a passionate SEO. That even to her hectic schedules, she would always find time to update her blogs even in a daily basis — that’s when she has no pending obligations.


Quiet, loner, simple, one of a kind face lol! not adorable, criticized, pessimists and optimists or vice-versa, dreamer, uncertain at times, secretive, been hurt, loved and unloved, judged, unjust, silent, strict but lenient, family oriented, organized, God fearing, music enthusiasts, frustrated singer. At this point in time, she is trying to become a good cook.

A Realtor

It started when she finds herself struck whenever there’s a beautiful home she had come across. That’s where illusions came in and the dreams to acquire it. However, due to frustrations she hopes to add another venture by becoming a Real Estate Salesperson and so it did. Then, finally www.pinoymodernhomes.com was born.

So, If in case you need one and still confused whether to buy or consider another project, perhaps assisting you is the core of her dream, to help those property seekers to turn their dream home into a reality.

Wander Desires

She loves to travel and that of course when budget permits! And since dreaming is at no cost, hoping to extend her desire to travel around the Philippines and even the whole world… 🙂

Mind you, she is just like you who wishes to go beyond imagination.

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