Pictures Of MoalBoal SeaSide Park: A Good Place To Chill And Viewing

Apart from being well-known beach resort spots in Cebu, the horde Moalboal Beach is just a small town with lots of interesting activities like: scuba diving, snorkeling, corals viewing, beach bum, and chilling by night at the so called SeaSide Park. I am pretty sure first timers are gonna be excited.

Getting to know Moalboal

Is a small town located approximately 90km south west from Cebu City and is a fourth class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Situated between the towns of Badian and Alcantara. Meanwhile, it’s also best to visit in time of their annual fiesta called “Kagasangan Festival” to translate as “Corals Feast” which is held on the 15th and 16th day of May. –

What can we observe at the park?

A nice place to chill while taking a break away from the city life. Sit back and relax in one of benches in Moalboal Park. Good to spend time talking, laughing with your friends and colleagues. Get also an intimate talk with you family and your spouse. Catch the view of sunset at the bay while having a good sip of your cup of coffee or taking some refreshments and beers at the restaurant. See more pictures below.


My Experiences

It’s best to travel here if you have your own car or you’re riding on a private vehicle — seeing that wherever you ought to go without the need to disembark/embark and hop for another ride just to get through to your destination preference. However, going in a surreal trip like commuting requires lot of time but it’s exciting adventure. Right?

Good thing during our trip was a convenience one because we had able to hitch a ride of our mutual friends. Therefore a nice journey experience to explore into places out of plan and invading into this place was a total pleasant surprise.

Since we were supposed to buy foods for our lunch at the market but unexpectedly we found this striking place. So, out of our confusion, we got inside and parked our vehicle at the available parking space. This visit we had was after from our overnight stay all the way from Lambug Beach Badian.

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The Image of Seaside Park In Moalboal

I was astonished of this park. The landscape, beautiful garden, countless benches, magnificent view and is truly one of Moalboal’s most unseen treasure. Sea Side Park Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines, where the location is not far from the Moalboal Meat Market. If you happen to drop by at this area, better allocate space and don’t hesitate to roam around in the place. Get to relax for a moment and enjoy the scenic view from the park. Go order a drink or a cold beer and snacks. Laid back and wait until late in the afternoon for the sun to disappear then watch up the sky.

Moalboal Dagway sa Paraiso

Is a phrase caught the attention of every person inside the park during the time we went there.

The catching arts and paintings drawn on the exterior of a building and in every walls at the park. Paintings are pictures of Moalboal’s richness like paradise. Drawings are of different sea creatures would mean that these can be achieved in a paradise like in Moalboal.


During our visit we found only one couple or lovers at the said place. I believe this place will get more people in the afternoon and reckon to become plenty of locals or even tourists going to spend time to this place. Even enjoys the view and love the great art works.


Nice foot paths


A good position where to laid back at the benches in nearby coastline and in the restaurant while watching the sunset at Sea Side Park Moalboal Philippines Cebu.


Tables made of wood and chairs made of steel & wood.


This coastline can be seen closely at the gate.


The fishermen’s port  can be seen from afar.


The entrance gate at the park behind one of the town municipality building.

How To Get Through Moalboal Seaside Park?

  • Ceres Bus: Head at Cebu City South Bus Terminal and look for Ceres bus liner bound for Moalboal. Travel time takes close to 3 hours ride.
  • Librandro Bus: Is located few steps away right across before you arrive at South Bus Terminal. Look for bus going to Badian, Cebu. Travel roughly almost 3hours.
  • Van Vehicle: Also available at the One Citilink Terminal

Just ask the driver or bus conductor to drop you off in Moalboal public market. From there you need to walk for few miles before reaching this iconic Seaside park. Or you can hire a “sikad-sikad” driver to get you there.

Side Trips

Lambug Beach is just located next town in Badian. And, if you wish to visit the place, this is about less than an hour travel going there. Kindly take note while driving all the way to Lambug, you may notice a signage of “Cebu International Golf and Resort” then turn right. There’s a pedicab available for P30.00 per head.

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