Chasing Nature Spots In Oslob, Cebu: The Tumalog WaterFalls

I’ve always been chasing on how to get through of my desire to land in one of Oslob’s pride aside from the most visited destination in Brgy. Tan-awan of the famous Butanding or whale shark experience. Tumalog Falls in Oslob Cebu is one that I hoped for to visit someday.

It was never part of the plan nor an itinerary to our road trip via southern Cebu bound for Amlan, Negros Oriental – together with my estranged husband. It was all a sudden disguise when we were already landed in nearby OSLOB. Thus, concluded an awesome enchanting experience of God’s gift beautiful nature.

Getting To Know Oslob

OSLOB is a fourth class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. The town was out of limelight not until the dramatic increase of tourists because of the whale sharks or butanding or “tuki” attraction – in which blissfully it became the bread and butter of locals. The most important tourist attraction in Oslob-Cebu.

Another remarkable tourist scenes or Oslob Cebu tour packages are: Sumilon Island, Whale Shark or “Tuki” Watching, Mainit Hot Springs, St. Joseph Church Nueva Caceres, 1788 Church Belfry Tower, Spanish-era Gazebo, Centuries-old Legendary Nigad Tree.

CEBU is very blessed with having such great natural wonders like mountains, beaches, lakes or rivers, waterfalls and the like. To count in, the Tumalog Falls also known as “Mag-ambak Falls” or “Toslob Falls” is also a highly must-visit place – with a multi-step cascading waterfalls uniquely crafted in an umbrella-like stone formations.

TUMALOG area is currently managed by Oslob local government and it’s good to see that they are keeping the place developed to make wondrous, safer, accessible and providing an easeful way for the tourists & visitors. Thumbs up for the job well done!

The Story of our Quick Visit

It was just a swift visit yet an amazing excursion with my former better half. We had to pursuit our desire very quick since we were about to catch up time on our farther journey bound for Negros Oriental province. We’re kind of exhausted already on our long hours trip hence we got off from work at 7:00 am after graveyard shift and then drive all the way by our own motorcycle.

Our travel took us 10-mins to estimate from the national highway road right from the crossing where the Tumalog Waterfalls signage is noticeable. At halfway you’ll need to drop off at a kiosk for ticketing and from there you can park your vehicle. And to note, there’s an ample parking space for vehicles. From the ticketing site, private vehicles are not allowed to go through except for an option to ride on a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) or choose to take an exhilarating walk for about 20-minutes estimate.

But meanwhile, after a satisfying tour to Tumalog Falls upon leaving the area that is also about 20-minutes walk (the most tiring part) going up to drop-off station or at the ticketing station.

Chasing Waterfalls

Once you arrive nearer at the waterfalls, you will get amaze of the magnificent God’s creation in a total different ambiance rather doing a regular shopping at the prime mall. The place is so fascinating. Also a good place to swim. It’s just a waist to neckline deep… so it’s definitely safe for everyone esp. for non-swimmers.

A rewarding natural wonders awaits after the tiring walk. It’s like indescribable jaw drop feeling seeing upon the cascading waterfalls. The place is very secluded and magical.

On a side note, we’ve also met numbers of foreigners while we were walking down the pavement. I think those tourists are just making side trip visits after a complete whale shark experience.

A happy me at last! Once an eager to check out these waterfalls. 🙂

List of Cebu Waterfalls

While Cebu is fortunate to have been bestowed with great wonders. There are also numerous magnificent falls in the province such as:

  • the famous Kawasan Falls in Badian;
  • Montañeza Falls in Malabuyoc; Mantayupan Falls in Barili;
  • Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan; Batad-batad Falls in Moalboal;
  • Cambais Falls in Alegria;
  • Dao Falls in Samboan; Aguinid Falls in Samboan;
  • Kan Amno Falls in Boljoon;
  • Mangitngit Falls in Carmen;
  • Gaas Falls in Gaas Balamban;
  • Kabang/Budlaan Falls in Talamban, Cebu City…
  • and other falls not mentioned. And to add up on list, is the subject Tumalog Falls in Oslob.

Nothing beats the excitement of witnessing the nature’s gift in front of our very own eyes.

At the end of excursion there was noone piece of regret to be honest. It’s a nice experience after all and a worthy visit!

How to get to Tumalog Falls?

  1. From other Provinces: Take any Cebu-bound flight of Cebu Pacific, PAL and Air Asia.
  2. From Cebu City Terminal: Take Ceres bus liner bound for Bato-Oslob. Travel time is approximately around three hours (it depends on traffic). Jump off point is at the crossing of signage “Tumalog Water Falls“.
  3. From crossing, it’s about 10-15 minutes drove away from the main road. You opt to ride a “habal-habal” for Php 30.00/person one way. Motorcycle can take two riders.
  4. From Butanding destination: Hire a habal-habal (motorcycle) to direct you through at the said place. Sorry.. I did not able to get the exact fare cost from there, I will just update this post as soon as I have the detail.

Tumalog Travel Guide and Tips

  1. The road is paved so it’s going to be an easy ride. May pass short uncemented road but it’s manageable.
  2. Can bring food as you may lay a picnic while water from the falls sprinkles. It is discouraged to leave any garbage around the site.
  3. It is safe to swim beneath the falls and it’s waist to neck deep. The water current is restrainable.
  4. Entrance fee of P20 for each visitor, closing time is set at 6pm.
  5. Private vehicles can only park few meters away from the said falls and one has to take about 20 minutes walk on steeply road to get to the site. Another option is to take a habal-habal ride where commuters are charged P50 round trip fare for a solo back ride.
  6. An approximate of 15 minutes away by car from the Butanding watching area up to drop-off point.

A rentable bamboo raft you can use to explore on the water and thus also give yourselves a massage from the falling water that cost for Php100. There are also table picnics available and for you to keep your valuables (assign 1 person to attend to your belongings for safety reasons).


There’s an on-going foot paths and stone blocks rehabilitation during our visit. I believe that funds used for this development comes from visitors entrance fees.


It’s impressively beautiful.


A small nipa hut which believed to be for peace and order station.


Don’t have the knowledge what this house for?


The road ends where leading to the falls.


Truly picturesque


Other Details at Tumalog

A Php50.00 fare if you opt to ride on a habal-habal (motorcycle). Take extra cautious hence the road is very steep. It’s an option too to appreciate walk as there are must-see sights while heading the road. Though it’s not advisable for persons with disability, grandparents or with suffering from breath disorder.

Well, nothing beats the endurance of experiencing a great walk. And if this interest you, it is worth to take the challenge since you simply just need to walk for short mile.


This is the road going down through the National highway road.


Along the drop-off area, after completing your tour at Tumalog falls, why not buy a BUKO at Php 25.00 for refreshment. Mawala jud ang imong pagka-kapoy ug ka uhaw gikan ug nilakaw. Promise 🙂

How Far is Tumalog Falls from Cebu City?

Travel time from Cebu City (South Bus Terminal) to Tumalog Waterfalls: Travelled distance approximately about 112km and spending a total of 2hrs and 45mins, depending on traffic, road conditions and the weather.

Location: Brgy. Luka, Oslob 6025, Cebu, Philippines

Attraction: Tumalog Falls

Actual Expenses

  • Air-conditioned bus : Php 180.00 (one-way) | Non-air conditioned bus: Php 172.00 (one-way)
  • Habal-habal (motorcycle for hire): Php 50.00 /person two-way (from drop-off point down to the Falls | Solo ride.
  • Habal-habal: Php 30.00 /person (National Highway up to drop-off area for ticketing) | Can ride with tandem.
  • Entrance fee: Php 20.00
  • Buko (for refreshment): Php 25.00 <sagbay luwag>
  • Water: Php 15.00


Should you wish to travel on a day tour, I suggest to leave from the City at dawn, preferably at 2am at the South Bus terminal to avoid traffic. Get an accommodation as early so you can roam around Oslob or you can start your adventure by getting a Whale shark experience. Then after which you can go through at Tumalog Waterfalls.

Enjoy your trip and God bless!

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